[SOLVED] Recording Korg Volca Audio. UPDATE FIXED

I am new to this forum and a relative newbie to DAW and midi.
I have my midi controller set through cubasis which is recording midi notes. A Scarlett 6i6 sending midi notes to the Volca with audio back into the soundcard. When I have headphones plugged directly into the volca or soundcard I can hear the notes played but cannot seem to route the audio back into Cubasis. Through audiobus I can route into dub fx which seems to be recieving audio but then not by cubasis.
Any help with this would be greatley appreciated as I have made no headway in the last few days.

Cubabsis 1.8
c.c kit.
Powered usb hub
Scarlett 6i6
Korg Volca Bass
Impulse 25


welcome to Steinberg and Cubasis. Since you are a beginner our Cubasis user guide might be valuable to have a look at:


Did you manage to record audio in Cubasis with the Scarlett 6i6 in general yet?


Hi Rg,
Thanks for the reply. Through trial and error it at first seemed it could be the usb hub. I bought a 2nd midi cable and routed midi in and out through the soundcard just using the hub to power the impulse.
I have midi and audio through the soundcard into and out of the volca. Midi into and out of cubasis…
Still no audio!!
Today I decided to update to ios 8 also updating all the relevant apps including cubasis and audiobus.
I am now facing another problem!!
Audiobus reconizes the soundcard and volca audio with an effect such as dub fx so that part is all working fine, but cubasis is not being reconized when I try to pick that as an output through audiobus with audio input from soundcard. Cubasis then seems to force close.
Audiobus and midi works fine within cubasis to connect to Korg Polysix and MS20
I have tried deleting then reloading both apps but nothing has changed.
Its been a very fustrating couple of weeks an ideas??


I thought I would persevere again this afternoon and keep trying.
Basically to cut a long story short.
Whenever I use my setup through audiobus with just internal synth and fx and audio out no problems.
If I try to use Cubasis as audio out, Cubasis seems to open and then hang.
I cannot even use audiobus to connect now to my internal apps and cubasis, and through interapp audio there is crakling and artifacts.
Audiobus and Cubasis are not working together?
Help please!

After looking through the forum I came across a thread from another 6i6 owner about audio problems and he changed out the supplied USB cable. I gave that a try and hey presto. That and maybe not having my audio into the correct ins on the soundcard…
Newbie error maybe.
Iaa seems hit and miss judging by most peoples comments.
I still can,t connect through audiobus to cubasis when the 6i6 is connected.
Maybe one for a new thread.


well glad to hear that you got your original problem fixed… thanks for the update on that! :wink: