[SOLVED] Recording Tracks Cubasis & Itracks solo

Here is what I’m trying to do so that whoever knows, can help with minimal questions.

1 acoustic/electric guitar into Itrack (input 2, "instrument)
1 microphone into input 1 (mic input)

I want to know how to record with cubasis and focursite itrack solo, I have tried everithing but have no sound.
Witch is the best setup for it.



Hi Vilvo,

All it takes should be this:

# Pre-Condition

  • iTrack is properly connected to the iPad (double check that iTrack is listed in Setup/Audio/AudioDevice)

# Steps

  • Create an audio track
  • Open the inspector located on the left side
  • Open the Routing tab and tap the number field below input
  • Choose the input you plan to record
  • Repeat steps above for the second track

Best wishes,

Audio Track1


Mono imput 1

Stereo output 1/2

Shell I do this way?


Hi vilvo,

The input routing has to match the inputs on the hardware.
E.g. choose input “1” when you plan to make a vocal recording, and choose “2” for the guitar.

Since the iTrack seems to support stereo output only, leave the output setting untouched.

Hope that helps,

You have to create one Audiotrack, tab Mono Input (1) for Input 1 ( Guitar input Focusrite )
then you have to create a second Audiotrack, tab Mono Input (2) for Input 2 ( Vocals Input Focusrite )



I followed everything, but does not record anything.
Must I adjust something in the setup of Cubase?

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okay I had set to allow access to the microphone cubase :laughing:

Best Regards

Glad to hear you’ve been able to solve the issue.
Thanks for sharing the solution with others here!