*Solved* Registering Padshop on a brand new computer...


I’m a bit confused about registration codes that were sent to me when I bought Padshop Pro & Zero Gravity. They can be used just once if I understand well?? I’ve had a fatal computer failure and I now have a new computer & I’ve tried to register my Padshop Pro with the eLicenserControl with the Activation Code that was sent to me but I always get the message ‘‘The activation code has been used already. An activation code can be used only once to download or upgrade a license. Please contact your software vendor to get a valid activation code.’’

How can I have a valid activation code to activate my Padshop Pro & Instrument Zero Gravity on my new computer?

Thanks for the help, I really have to get my Padshop running :frowning:

(PS: I’ve just sent a request form with all my purchase information)

Solved. In case anyone cares or has the same issue with a new computer, I had to send a Support Request Form and ask for new codes to enter in the eLicenser. All done!

Thanks for the quick support Steinberg.

Thanks for the tip! Will remember that, as I’m about to upgrade my PC! Might be handy!