[Solved] Remove T/Rack Instrument?

How do you remove a Track or Rack Instrument from the VSTi panel in the Right Zone?

This question comes back regularly and should tell something at Steinberg crew how non intuitive the process is at its present state.

To do so, click on the name of the involved instrument : a preset menu appears. In it, choose No VST Instrument. Done, hopefully…

OK, that worked. Thanks!
I don’t at all feel stupid for not finding that either. They really didn’t want anyone finding that one, did they?
I think I’m off to the Feature Request section now…

Thank you, I have been using Cubase for 15 years and I guess never really needed to do that. I have two instances of Band-in-a-Box plug-in and they seem to conflict with each other and needed to remove one from the rack. Strange they don’t let delete the track or drag the plug-in out like the inserts or have a right-click remove option (all much more intuitive at least to me).