[SOLVED] Repurchase effects packs?

Hello. I had owned Cubasis briefly, then contacted Apple and had gotten a refund and uninstalled from my iPad. I have just now purchased it again and when I went to purchase the effects packs again it says “Bought” on the buttons. So when I go to restore, it says there are no purchases for this account. How can I repurchase the effects packs to use?? Thanks!

Hi desertpeaks,

Please get in touch with Apple regarding your request, they are the only ones that can help here.


Thank you Lars! Will do!

Well apparently Apple can’t do anything. They said it is a developer problem.

I have discussed the issue with our engineers and we gave the issue a short check ourselves:

If Cubasis displays “BOUGHT!” in the shop, it automatically remembers the purchase of the FX packs and leaves them activated. Restore of purchased items is not required in this case.

Please check if the purchased FX packs appear in the effects list and can be instantiated.

In summary, they should work fine as before.

Please let us have your feedback.



Thank you. I uninstalled the Cubasis and reinstalled it and the packs appear! Thank you!

Excellent, glad to hear that!