SOLVED: Request for slide-in in the properties panel for GUITAR

Dear team,

please allow setting “fingering outside the staff” globally together with the slide-in function in the properties panel.
Right now they are coupled and I can only have one or the other… :wink:

All the best,

I know the team reads everything, but just to illustrate: I’d like to get this consistently:

Right now I have to set “allow fingering inside staff” globally, then input the slides, and then select all fingerings (and grace notes separately…) to use the panel to switch on stopping position to outside…
A bit cumbersome…

Thanks and sorry for the appearance of bumping… :wink:


I also am trying to do this, it’s a bit confusing in the documentation to suggest in “Hiding/Showing fingering shifts for string instruments” to “In the Properties panel, activate/deactivate Indicate shift to next note in the Fingering and Positions group.” when there’s no such option.

There is such an option.

I don’t see it, attaching a screenshot.

What instrument is that?

It’s an oud.

RIght. Guitars and guitar-like instruments are not considered “string instruments” for these purposes. I note that the OP has just (today) edited the title of this thread so that it reads “for guitar”. That clarification is highly relevant here.

Thanks, Leo for all your help. Yes, apparently this is a factor that only applies to some instruments.

This is pretty common in guitar music, too, so it should still be an option, and should be added in a future release, as the OP is requesting (which is why I was voicing support for his request). There’s also nothing in the documentation that I saw that clarifies that the feature only applies to bowed string instruments, though it’s surely possible I missed it.

In my specific case (not guitar) about 50% of oud players are also violin players and are used to violin conventions with respect to fingerings and positions.
It seems arbitrary to make a feature unavailable like this, particularly when the option is available inside the staff but not above the staff.

Since we still can’t create custom instruments, there is not really a solution here that I can see, except for OP’s original workaround of doing all the fingerings inside the staff and then switching them later.

The oud is somewhat “guitar” like (has strings, is plucked), but it’s fretless, is tuned differently, is primarily melodic and not chordal, and the range is more similar to a cello. I get that there are many niche users of a program like Dorico with specific needs that are not going to be a high priority, so I’m not expecting that a fully-developed instrument definition be provided with the program (though if Daniel wants to get in touch about planning one, I’d be happy to). Being able to define a custom instrument would go a long way.

But I appreciate all your suggestions, I’m taking the current enforced isolation to work on some projects and get deeper into Dorico. It can be a bit frustrating to learn a new program after decades of Finale and you’ve been a big help.

I’ve made a note to make the differentiation between fretted instruments and string instruments in relation to fingering a bit clearer in the manual, I’ll have a think about the best place to do that and how. The first step in that task does include “on string instrument staves” but elsewhere I do use note boxes with “these steps only apply to… they do not apply to…” so I’ll add one of those here.

Thanks, Lillie.
I understand that plucked string instruments are not “strings” in the orchestral sense, but I find this particular choice perplexing, as the requested option really is something that applies to any string instrument with a fingerboard, and especially so to fretless string instruments like the oud (or a fretless guitar). So many Dorico choices are extremely well-thought-out (the option to specify alternate guitar tunings for fingering purposes is welcome), and I’m sure there was a reason behind this, but it would be great to see it addressed in a future update.

Hi team,

I have a feature request that’s very important to me:

I never use guitar fingerings inside the staff, but need the Slide-In property constantly.
Disallowing fingerings inside and Slide indicator lines seem to be mutually exclusive, I just checked again…

Would it be possible to change that?

Thx a lot,

I’ve merged this in with the last identical request you made on this subject from February. Hope that’s OK.

I’m sorry… I just ran into this again today, and had forgotten about the earlier thread…

But I usually don’t stupidly repost like this when I get an actual answer… Even a “No chance!” would be fine, actually, because then I could just settle on the workflow I have at the moment…


I’m not sure exactly what we should be doing to make this work any better than it does at present, Benji. Can you spell out in words of one syllable what you want us to do? You can already position the fingerings outside the staff using the ‘Stopping fingering position’ property and then activating ‘Slide in’. Is the problem that you want to be able to make left-hand fingering appear outside the staff by default, or something else?

Dear Daniel,

thanks for getting back to this issue for me, I really, really appreciate!
One-syllable words will be difficult however, since even the word “prolix” itself has two syllables… :wink:

But: Yes, that is exactly what I need to do. I can set that option in Engraving Options (by disallowing fingering inside the staff), which is fine, but then I don’t get the slide notation anymore.
I could of course allow inside staff, but then I have to deal with a lot of fingering numbers to select and switch to outside.
That’s what I’m doing at the moment, of course, and it works, but is a little tedious. And I can’t select all the grace notes along with the normal notes, which means I’d have to do it twice.

My solution would be: Being able to have fingerings outside the staff by default, but with the Slide-In property and slide lines available.

Thanks for your time, have a great weekend,

Yours, Benji

Right, I see. When you deactivate ‘Allow left-hand fingerings inside the staff for fretted instruments’, Dorico is no longer using the special left-hand fingering routines, but instead using the simpler keyboard fingering routines, and some of the guitar-specific features are then not available. It would I fear be quite a bit of work to make it possible to retrofit the ‘Slide in’ feature, but I’ll talk to Michael, the programmer who’s done all the fingering stuff, about just how practical or impractical it might be.

Thanks so very much!