'SOLVED' Rme driver and Cubase 12.0.20 buffer size issue

Don’t know it if this is the right place to post but i’ll post in the Rme forum as well but …
Im having problems getting Cubase to recognise the change in Buffer sizes in the Rme Asio panel , so if i change the setting from 512 to 1024 the Latency times stay the same until i change from Rme driver to no driver and Back and then all is well but i have to do this every time .

Has anyone else encountered this issue at all ?

I have Rme UCX II, No problems at all

Do you have by any chance Sonarworks Reference systemwide driver running? That one will block buffer size changes.

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Ahhhhhh , not systemwide but i do have the plugin in my controlroom , i’ve never thought of that BUT i’ve uninstalled and re-installed the Rme driver and it seems to be working for now but that’s a great thought there Fese , cheers

EDIT : Fese , the Problem is there anyway around the Sonarworks blockage as this problem is still there , there only way as i mentioned to change the buffer size is to select no driver and thew back to the Rme Asio ?

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Plugin in the control room shouldn’t hurt. If it is not the systemwide driver/app, I don’t know, I just had the problem here, if I wanted to switch buffer size, I had to disable systemwide.

In my case, with my Focusrite interfase, after changing buffer size I click in the input latency number (at the right side of the control panel) and it gets updated.

Ok well cheers for the heads up anyway

I’ve just tried exactly the way you do it and that works only if the ‘release driver in the back ground’ is tick and then only half the time the Asio driver comes back which means you can’t hear anything

I have a RME Babyface Pro FS… No issues

Note: Make sure your firmware is up to date. RME recently released (over last 3 months) firmware updates for most of their iinterfaces.

In the RME Control Panel, set your WDM devices to 0. This assumes you have a system audio device if you need WDM. Cubase will then recognize your buffer or even sample rate change without closing and re-opening.


I always have the release driver option enabled without issues.

SF_Green …
You are a genius , that was 100% the problem , you deserve a knighthood :grin: :+1:
Everything’s back to how it was , totally automatic , i must over altered the settings in the WMD without noticing but it’s working perfectly now .
Your a star :+1:

Cheers for your input . all solved now :+1:

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Glad that helped.

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