[Solved] Routing all-in-one


Intro :

I have 2 computers on which I use Cubase Elements 8 with (let’s say 1 project).
When I record with a computer, this project’s routing is :

input : focusrite scarlett 6i6 (mic, line, midi …)
output : " " 6i6 mono 1, mono 2

Problem :

when I take on a usb key my project, to work on a more comfortable computer, I don’t have my focusrite 6i6,
so I have to change the devices settings (in the devices menu), then on the routing on each channels I have to change the audio output to my stereo speakers.

BUT, I have to change each channel manually, one by one… and when I have 15 channels, this is reaaally annoying. :imp:

Question :

So I come to my question : is there a way to change all the outputs in the routing panel (F3) by a few clicks, instead of changing them all manually :question:

Thanks :smiley:

I don’t know if Elements has “quick link” but if it does, that’s how you do this. Just quick link the channels and the routing for all can be changed in one shot. If you don’t have quick link and have to do it by hand, just be glad you’re not dealing with physical wires and only have to click. It’s a lot easier now than it used to be. … :slight_smile: Good luck.

Shift Alt to make changes to multiple selected tracks.

could you make a template

Thank you very much guys !
the Q-Link works perfectly, and the shift alt is the keyboard shortcut for it

I owe you a beer :wink: