[Solved] Routing To ARIA Player


I have added the ARIA Player Multi for playback and went to the ‘Playback’ tab to route instruments. When I clicked on the small downwards pointing arrow for one of the instruments there were no less than 10 entries there … all for the same instrument! All other instruments in the score have just the expected one to route to ARIA.

Also, after routing all the instruments, playback was through channel one only even though I have triple checked that each instrument is clearly routed to individual channels.

I have considerable experience of ARIA in other situations so I must be missing something in setup for this to happen.

I’d appreciate any suggestions.


You’ll see one lane per VOICE, but you cannot yet route those voices do different channels/vsts.

Do you mean MIDI channels here, or audio channels…? Perhaps a screen dump can clearify :slight_smile:

Hello fratveno,

Thanks for your reply. Taking the first part of my query:

This is what I thought but in my score, there are 10 lanes for my harpsichord. I tried a completely new score to compare and there 2 lanes in the new test score. Here are screenshots.

New Score with Harpsichord showing two lanes.

My Score with Harpsichord showing ten lanes.

I’ve not found a way to remove the extra lanes. I’ve been using ARIA since the day Gary Garritan launched it in all sorts of notation applications and a variety of DAWS including routing instrumental staves and DAW tracks to instument tracks/channels in ARIA and have never seen this before.

Maybe this is what is causing the playback problem so I’ll try to resolve this before moving on.

Best wishes

I don’t think you can remove the lanes, even if you remove all the notes in a voice in the score, the lane for that voice still remains in Play … but this shouldn’t really affect your ability to route other players/voices to their respective outputs (endpoints), so I can’t think of anything obvious atm… :slight_smile: … eh, BTW, did you add any players after you switched output to Aria…?

Hello fratveno,

No I didn’t add any players after switching to ARIA.

I opened a previous Dorico score which has no problems at all with playing back. I checked the organ part there and that has 8 lanes so, as you say, it doesn’t seem to affect playback at all.

With my latest score I still have all the players/instruments sounding through just one channel in the mixer even though I have ‘pointed’ them to instruments in different slots in ARIA. As I mentioned, this isn’t happening with my previous score and I’ve done nothing different.

I think I’m looking at creating a new score and copy and paste the parts in to see if that sorts things out.

Thanks again for your help.

sorry :slight_smile: I’m probably dense, but this sounds like you’re talking about the audio returns from Aria ? … :slight_smile: You have to route each slot in Aria to it’s own audio channel in Dorico manually (lower right, where it says 1/2 by default…)… BTW all aria effects (if any) are hardwired to 1/2 and cannot be changed …

I get these extra lanes that seem to be linked as well, particularly when I import via XML (sometimes there are notes, scattered in both lanes too, but it doesn’t effect the intended playback).

I just ignore them…so far things work fine.

Note, sometimes it helps in the play menu to “Load Sounds for Undefined Instruments”, reset everything in the Play tab, close out any unwanted HALion instances that might get created, and then do “Load Sounds for Undefined Instruments” a second time.

These actually correspond to voices, but we do hope to change this in the next update, time- permitting, as the current behaviour isn’t all that helpful. In the future we also want to have a way of letting you route the voices independently, but we need to figure out a good way of presenting this in the UI

Hello fratveno,

Yes … I had done that and in a previous score everything worked but not this. :question:

Anyway, I now have it working but I’m not sure how :confused: All I did was to delete all VST instruments, save the file, shut down, reboot then open the file, re-add the ARIA Player and re-route everything including the audio from ARIA. I’m just pleased it’s all happening now. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help, it’s much appreciated.

Hello Brian,

Thanks for posting and confirming those lanes.

As you say things are working now with those multiple lanes. It was a bit confusing at first when I saw all those.

Hello Paul,

Thanks for replying and it’s always good to read what’s on it’s way for us all. Looking forward to the next update. :slight_smile:

Michael - it sounds like you may have encountered one of the current known bugs where the routing is broken for instruments created after you first change an instrument’s destination. This is fixed in the next update.

Hello Paul,

Thanks for the info.

It sounds like this next update is going to be another great one and something to look forward to.

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

Best wishes.