Solved: RX7 in WL

PG, RX7 connect works fine in Cubase but not so much in WL. When I say ‘not so much’ I mean that, (as I do in Cubase) if I open an example of RX7 and reduce it to my task bar, and then open WL, select my area I want to edit in RX7, then select RX7 as my external editor and click… I then have to open RX7 from the task bar to find the wave file loaded in RX7 (Cubase does this automatically, btw), next I perform my editing task in RX7… and then try to send the edited part back to WL. At this point, unlike the Cubase exchange, the edit can’t be sent back to WL from RX7, so I drop RX7 back to the task bar. At this juncture it used to be that I could click the small circular icon on the WL edit bar (Cubase/Nuendo refresh) and my edited part would return to WL. Now the circle is greyed out.

Is there a new process, or does RX7 not work like this in WL any longer? I can confirm that the part is edited and is saved in my RX7 files but I see no way of getting it back into the WL project it came from. Thanks for any help.

then try to send the edited part back to WL

How do you do that?

Also, I never cared for RX Connect with the exception of in Pro Tools where we have offline Audio Suite.

Have you tried the new option in the WaveLab montage that lets you select an area of a file, have a copy of that selection open directly in the RX standalone app, and then you can make the edit, save/overwrite the file in RX, close it, and when you toggle back to WaveLab, the fixed section is in the timeline?

I find this to be way more efficient than RX Connect and rendering stuff which can be clunky.

And this works too for the audio file editor.

Justin (and PG), this was what I was trying to do and it seems that I’ve done as you suggest, move clip to RX7, edit, but my fail is the returning of the edited clip. I don’t understand what you refer to when you say ‘timeline’. Can you or PG point me there, please?

but my fail is the returning of the edited clip

The edited file is imported in WaveLab, when you save the file from RX7.
Don’t use RX Connect with WaveLab.

Hm, that’s something I hadn’t tried… And it works perfectly! Thanks, PG (and Justin)!

It’s a new thing for WaveLab 10 and works great. I love WaveLab, and RX, but using them together with the Connect app was too much of a headache in my opinion.

Pro Tools has AudioSuite which is pretty decent, Cubase has Direct Offline Processing (which I wish WaveLab had), and WaveLab has this which is a nice solution for sure. Thanks to PG for adding it.

I agree, PG sorted this process out perfectly. When I hit that ‘Save’ button and watched the part change it was rather jaw dropping. With Cubase, I agree the Offline Processing performs well and the low CPU process is great, too, but I don’t run a lot of plugins by the time I get to WL. WL is almost like a dream machine at this point, to me anyway.

All this aside, your FB page is great, too, you’re a very helpful guy, Justin. Thank you!

The same behavior is available to edit a clip part with WaveLab’s own audio editor. This “discrete feature” is actually a major one for the audio montage.

So, ‘save’ the edit and it appears in the montage? Discrete is a good word to describe the operation.

So, ‘save’ the edit and it appears in the montage?