[SOLVED] sampler track not following mute when sourced from MIDI track

Cubase Pro 10.5.20. Windows 10.

  1. Create new project.
  2. Create sampler track and load with a sample.
  3. Create MIDI track/part with trigger notes routed to sampler track.
  4. Play to confirm sound.
  5. Mute sampler track from project window. Sound is not muted. Unexpected behavior.
  6. Switch to mixer and see that channel is not showing as muted. Unexpected behavior.
  7. Mute sampler channel from mixer. Sound is muted. Expected behavior.
  8. Move MIDI part into sampler track. Muting works from project window. Expected behavior.


I expect you have created a MIDI track and MIDI part, right?

Yes, Sampler Tracks behaves the very same way as any other Virtual Instrument.

If you Solo the track in the Project window, you solo the source MIDI track. Therefore if Sampler Track is feet by other MIDI Track, you can hear it. In the MixConsole, you mute the Audio Return Channel of the instrument/Sampler Track, therefore you can’t hear it anymore.

Ah! So muting the sampler track means muting the MIDI data on that track but not the audio output (if triggered from another MIDI track). So the project window “speaks” MIDI and the mixer window “speaks” audio. Thank you for the clarification!