[SOLVED] Save as default - notation options

After changing the appearance of cautionary accidentals in notation options, I keep clicking “save as default” but each time I start a new project, the settings have reverted back to their default values. Maybe I’m doing something wrong or perhaps this is not a global change? Anyone else experiencing this?

Are such settings not indeed actually project-specific?

No, Mark, they should be global.

David, have you clicked OK/Apply BEFORE you hit Save as Default? If not, they won’t stick.

Thanks Leo, that was indeed the problem - I needed to click Apply BEFORE clicking “save as default”. Cheers!

Thanks for the correction, Leo :blush:.

That need to apply is somewhat Windows-like.

I find it somewhat useful, Mark. In large projects it can be a lengthy process for changes to take effect, and so it’s handy to be able to make various changes in one go and then do all the waiting at the end. Also, given it’s possible to shunt the dialog out of the way of the score (or onto another screen if you have multiple screens) it’s nice to be able to see what effect an option has on the score without having to close the dialog (and possibly bring it back a second or two later).

But yeah, maybe it is somewhat Windows-like!

Good point, Leo, Yes; thanks. But as has been said in the context of autosaving, being safe not sorry is a good lesson to learn.