[Solved] saved changes vanished

Worked yesterday for 4 hours on a project, saved it, as usual, today all those last changes vanished ???
I changed the backup folder, wonder if that was the reason…can someone tell me the default back-up folder, please?
It was originally a guitar XML import, I inputted fingering, text, and also changed some notes.
Maybe the changes won´t work on a guitar instrument???
Thks. in advance.
Please help

At the start of the four hours, did you open the “real” file or a restored backup? If the latter, did you bother to save it as a “real” file?

The real file, once I successfully import a file, then I always save it clean as a Dorico file.

Wonder if it´s backed up in the original backup folder (which I don´t remember), my actual backup folder is empty.

Thank you so much for your patience and efforts.

For details of default backup/autosave folders and how they work, see pages 4-6 of the Version History: http://download.steinberg.net/downloads_software/Dorico_Pro_2_and_Dorico_Elements_2/2.2.10/Dorico_2.2.10_Version_History.pdf

Cool thanks
I will go through it.

Found it, everything recovered!
Muchas Gracias