[solved] Score adding replay symbol and Coda?

I am trying to add replay instructions to a score. The instruction should be executed during playback. I found the required symbols and read in the manual that they should be added using the Project part of the score editor. But unfortunately the symbols are greyed out there. I can’t find out what I am doing wrong. Maybe somebody can help.
The attached screenshot might help to understand my problem.
Thanks in advance.

To access the symbols you need to be in page mode, and it sounds like you are in edit mode.

  • To get the coda on a separate line, use the scissors tool and/or “number of bars” dialog to get the right number of measures in the staff leading up but not including the coda in order to have your coda on a separate line. Then drag the left-most barline to the right to get an indent (if that’s what you need.)
  • To get the coda on the same line, with white space preceding it, as in your image file, would require user shapes and symbols and some fiddling, no pun intended. Not. :unamused:

edited for clarity

Hello Steve,
it worked as you said.