[SOLVED] Score Editor: Repitching a Phrase


I was wondering if we could repitch a phrase in score editor. From my other post, I learned that it is possible to do rep itch a single note using computer keyboard in score editor.

However, Is it possible to repitch a phrase, that is, use a MIDI input device to quickly change the pitch of existing notes while retaining their rhythmic values. Basically, I play new pitches, the caret/cursor automatically advance to the next note ( or double stop or chord) as I change pitches.

It would be nice to use the left and right arrow keys on the computer keyboard to navigate past notes or passages I don’t wish to change. I know this is possible to some extent in Key editor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


See your duplicate post, please.

This is not answered in the other post. Post posts are edited for remove duplication.


You can transpose the group of selected MIDI Notes at once (not just single one). But it seems, you want to play another melody (or a 2nd voice), right?

You can do so. In the Tool bar, enable MIDI Input (MIDI 5-pin icon). Select the 1st note of the phrase, and press the key on your MIDI keyboard. The Note changes its pitch, and the selection jumps to the next Note. You can play another Note.

Is tis what you are looking for?

Thank you It does the job I want to. I mainly want to use the feature for correcting mistakes while recording.

It repitches notes one at a time. However, if I have a double stop, It repitches them from highest to lowest.

Thanks again.