[SOLVED] [SCORE] Layout does not include selected track


I am having a hard time in the score editor of Cubase Pro 9.5. A simple question to start with:

With the following selected tracks and parts, when hitting -R to open the score editor in Page layout mode, why does the (auto-) selected layout not include the “Bouzouki” track, but instead the “Flöte I” track at its top, which neither is selected nor has a part?


The layout dialog does not show the names of the tracks in the Arrange window, but the instrument (track) names set explicitly for a certain track. Since I duplicated the track from the “Flöte I” track earlier, it took with it that name and did not update it when I renamed the track in the Arrange window.

I updated the alias name for that track in the Staff setting dialog to read “Bouzouki”, and now the names and track list shows correctly.