[solved] Security of Cubase licensing/my.steinberg.net

After some forum reading two days ago about people having problems with their licensing, I had a look at my steinberg.net account to check things.

I was very surprised to see a second computer with the name of “Simon” registered to my account.

Even though I have several devices, none of them is called Simon and Cubase 12 Pro is only registered to my main recording PC.

Of course, I have deleted the second authorization and activated 2FA on my account immediately.
Still I’d like a word from someone at the Steinberg HQ about this.

Thanks a lot,

Hi @funkster1,

since this might be a serious issue, you should perhaps open a regular support ticket.
The support form can be opened from within your Steinberg ID web account.
You’d also get a ticket number.

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Some of the early releases of SAM had a bug in hardware identification that meant that different computers could end up sharing the same hardware IDs. This causes a lot of confusion in the online database, as e.g. the computer names for different users’ machines would end up overwriting each other. The bug has since been fixed, but some of the incorrect database entries may still persist from this time.


Thank you Richard for the information, much appreciated

Like I said, I deleted the wrong activation and activated 2FA to be on the safe side.

Have a great day :wink:

Thank you Markus, I guess the problem is solved. :wink:

Have a great day ;),


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