[Solved] Select range of a event from current position to start / end of this event

I often have to mark an audio event from the current position to the beginning or end of this audio event. For example, to introduce a process for this range into the DOP. Now these are often lengths of 15 - 45 minutes (1 hour Readings from a university lecture hall). It is quite difficult to select such a large distance over half an hour from a big zoom level.
But I can’t find any suitable commands for a macro to mark / select from the current position indicator to the beginning or end of this event.
You can easily jump to the beginning or end of an event with makro commands - but not in the context of a selection. I can’t get any further with the Logical Editor either. Selecting to the end of the track is also no problem. But not to the end of the event.

Even the includet LE preset “Select all Data on selected Tracks inside Cycle” does not work. It just marks all events.

Does anyone know a trick for a key combination that I don’t know?

Do you mean 1 actual event, or many different ones on the track?

When you say “mark” does this simply mean select?

If the answer to both is yes:
Select the track that has the event, and place the cursor anywhere on top of the event.

Edit>Select Events Under Cursor

Thank you.
This is always a problem when translating from German to English.
I mean marking (or selecting ?) a range of the event:

In this case this are only a few measures. But when you’re zoomed in very deep, it’s difficult to select up to the beginning of the event.
I want to select a range from the position indicator to the beginning of the event. But via shortcut, macro or LE.

Excuse me for posting in Nuendo.

  1. With the range tool [2] click anywhere on the track, once.

  2. Place the cursor at the point of interest.

  3. a. To select back to the end of an event:

  • Right Selection Side to Cursor (default key D)
  • Locate Previous Event (default key B)
  • Left Selection Side to Cursor (default key E)
  1. b. To select to the end of an event:
  • Left Selection Side to Cursor (default key E)
  • Locate Next Event (default key N)
  • Right Selection Side to Cursor (default key D)

(this second one is easier to remember, since it spells e-n-d. :grinning:

Thank you.
Sorry - but unfortunately that doesn’t work. As you can see, you click on the track BEFORE or BEHIND the event.
But in my case, the event lasts an hour and I zoomed in so that the beginning or end is 100 meters out off the screen. So I can’t click on the track, only on the event itself.
And so it only marks up to where I first clicked. Unfortunately not to the beginning or the end. Nuendo may also differ from Cubase here.

From the zoomed-in perspective, I can no longer click on the track. Because this is outside the screen. For me it looks like this:

In English one says Select. If you could please use only that term it would be helpful.

I would do it like this:

Be in the Select tool.
Place cursor at your desired point
Execute these commands:

Navigate> Left

Now the portion of the audio event you want to modify is selected.

No problem. You can click anywhere on the event. The only thing this will do is create a range selection of 0 length.

OK - But I don’t want to split the event. The university lecture must remain in one piece.

I can use a macro to create locators for example at the beginning of the event and at the current position. But I can’t find any command to select the area between the locators as a selection in order to push a process into the DOP.
That seems like a challenge.
What also amazes me here is that ready-made presets in the Logical Editor don’t work either. I’m probably the only one who needs it.

I’m not sure what you’re after. In order to apply a DOP you would have to split the event anyway if you are in the Project View.

It’s different in the Sample Editor.

As far as the PLE presets you mentioned, the various selection rules differ depending on the tool you are in, ag Select tool or Range tool.

OK - I think there is something broken.
Three years ago, my colleagues had macros that could do this.

Makro Commands like
“Edit: Start selection at the position pointer” and
“Transport: Position to end of selection”
“Selection end to cursor” (Translation from German)

did this. But e.g. the command “Start / End of selection at the position pointer” stops the macro at this point. The macro does not continue after this line.

I think there is something broken in one of the latest versions.

But you are asking for the opposite. You asked to place the cursor, and then select to the left.

You now refer to selecting to the right.

If you have found a bug, please verify it by using a more or less scientific metho, like How to format a bug report

No - you can select a small range of an event to process this in DOP. I often use iZotope RX Connect for only one second. Or “gain -10dB” for 0,01 seconds for a small peak.

You are right.
After my colleagues drew my attention to an old existing macro, I will contact support.
Once again.

That’s what I posted above. But, for this to work, you need to have a range on the event beforehand.

Then, with the macros, you adjust the left and right sides of the range to be from start → to cursor, or from cursor → to end.

That’s why I said click once with the range tool anywhere on the track. Anywhere will do.

I tried as you kindly showed me. I’ve watched your video 20 times. But it doesn’t seem to work that way in Nuendo. Instead, key D marks from the position cursor to where you click on the track with the selected range tool. Somehow exactly the opposite. I never get to the start or end of the event with it. And I have two colleagues here who can’t do it either.
But three years ago it worked.
Since some macro commands no longer work here either, something could be broken here. Maybe that still works perfectly in Cubase.

It might be so. Nevertheless, I will make another step by step description before I stop bothering you and wish you all the best.

We click with the range tool somewhere. We see a line. Both left and right sides of the range are this line. Collapsed.

We then put the cursor on the place we need to start our selection from. We either press E, or D. What this will do is move one side of the range to to the cursor. It will look wrong at this point.

Then, we either press B or N, to send the cursor to the start, or the end of the event. Then we press E or D again. Only now does the other side of the range move into place and the selection looks right.

If this doesn’t work, it could be a bug in Nuendo indeed.

I wish you a good night!

@THambrecht You don’t need a macro. A function already exists to achieve this. Proceed as follows:

  • select the track where the event is located (for this to work it is essential that the relevant track is selected)
  • select the Range Selection tool
  • click once at the desired point within the event
  • select Edit / Select / ‘Enlarge Range to Next Event’ (or ‘Enlarge Range to Previous Event’) or to make this easier create keyboard shortcuts for these in Key Commands and use these instead

P.S. If you are doing this repeatedly on multiple events across different tracks you could consider activating ‘Track Selection Follows Event Selection’ in Preferences.

Perfect. It is working. Thank you very much.
That saves a lot of work.

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