[Solved] Selecting Players for Layouts

I don’t know if anyone else has found making custom Layout groups while composing as helpful as I have.

With separate Layouts for Woodwinds, Brass, Strings, etc., I can quickly focus on work with just those classes of instruments. The same is true for instrument families, Flutes, Trumpets, Section Strings, etc.

One other thing I am intrigued by is the use of ad hoc groups. I’ve created a “Composition” Layout where I can select from the whole composition whatever Players I want to appear in the Layout when working on a particular portion of the composition. REALLY useful.

Now to the Feature Request:

To select which Players will be included in any custom Layout, I right-click and select/deselect from the list of Players. This list can be quite lengthy for full orchestral scores. But the list closes each time you select/deselect a single Player. It would be ideal if the list stays open for multiple selects/deselects, with the user being able to close it when finished.

Alternatively, click the layout on the right hand side of Setup mode. Then click the tickboxes next to each Player on the left side of Player mode.

Ah, thanks pianoleo. That solves THAT problem!