[SOLVED] Serious problems C8.5 now crashes after c9. Help!

Ok So I installed C9 and it was running. Then I right clicked and run it as adminstrator. Ever since I got error messages telling me to update LCC. I think this means the e-licencer? So I ran that and let it perform its maintenence tasks. Is this what I should do?

Anyway I tried going to 8.5 again and now I get the following error:

“Application Cubase 8.5 has caused the following error
Calling INIT method failed: Unkown error code 520D
Please connect a valid elicenser and restart the application”

I got problems - speedy help would be appreciated!


OK so I have a solution.

I went to the Elicencer, downloaded “Latest elicenser control installer” (which apparently is NOT part of the online synch and maintenance) as I had assumed

SInce then Cubase 8.5 is now running (in admin mode as before)

Cubase 9 is however running