[SOLVED] Set markers only at zero-crossings


it seems that I am lost. Is there any way to make cubase to snap markers to the first/next zero-crossing? I have the option snap to zero crossing activated. However, when I move my marker to the vertical line shown as zero crossing, it does not move to there!

Is there anyway that cubase do it automatically, when I press Ctrl+M to add maker to snap it to the closest or the next zero crossing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


No, Markers won’t do that. Zero Crossings are relative to the specific Audio Track you are editing. If you had multiple Audio Tracks the Zero Crossing points on each Track would be different from each other. The Marker Track (like Instrument, Tempo, Chord, etc. Tracks) doesn’t have anything to cross zero & align to.

If you are unable to move the Marker to the position you want it is probably because you have Snap enabled. You should look in the manual at the various Snap options. They might help find a workflow that is easier for you.

Thank you. I guess WaveLab might do this then. Because in my case all the files are single track. Thanks for the advice.