[SOLVED] Shift + Route channel: wrong destination

Is it a bug or feature? That is not the way Cubase 5 was working.

I selected two channels. First and second rerouting of the first channel are without SHIFT pressed. Every other with SHIFT. Instead of getting two channels into ARP group, second channels goes into ‘rocket’ group. Why is it so? Is it a new option somewhere?

PS: and when will it be possible to reroute Instrument track from project side menu? Have to open the mixer every time I need rerouting :blush:

Are you thinking quick link these two - I think Alt Shift is default for that.

Well, I was sure I tried all key compilations for tests. Issue resolved. Thanks.

I reported this same bug two months ago. It’s a UI bug.

Fortunately, I solved my problem by using the “Send” function in the “Inserts” section. Send allows you to route a track’s output to multiple