[SOLVED] Shorten staff line so it doesn't go across whole page

I have a piece that I’m working on, where the music repeats, with lyrics in a different language. Ideally I’d like to have a space between the two systems but I haven’t figured that out yet.

For now, when I do a System Break to at least start on a new line, the staff extends all the way across the page before starting a new one. Is there a way to adjust this shorter? Or maybe evenly space the notes across the whole system, so the second line isn’t so spaced out?

Welcome to the forum @frzthornbury !

If these are separate spans of music (if you can excuse the assumption there based on the final barline at the end of the second system), then you could split the flow at the final barline, have each separate span of music be a separate flow, and then make use of the Layout Option that automatically keeps the final system in the flow short, if it’s under the set % full horizontally (and you can increase that % if you like).

Having them be separate flows also allows you to show a flow heading above each flow. If you just want extra space without showing text, you can edit the flow heading so it doesn’t contain any tokens, and adjust its margins as required.

You can also do this manually using the Note Spacing tool in Engrave mode, it just takes a bit longer.

Thank you! Seperate flows and allowing them to be on the same page in the layout options is exactly what I was looking for. I’m still learning the terminology. Thank you.

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