[solved]simple question: how to tie?


I have this music:

and I want to tie the last note of the first bar to the first note of the second bar.

So far I get this result:

How can I keep the beaming of the second bar?
music after tying in Dorico.png

It may be simple, but I suspect it’s not possible.

Ive tried many different ways - the best I can come up with is keeping the sixteenth note group beamed together leaving the final eighth note in the preceding bar unbeamed.

frustrating, but I am sure there must be a work around somehow…
The meter of this movement is 3/8 by the way,

I went into Engrave Mode
That seems to be the place for these kind of tweaks.
I was able to select the first (and last) semiquaver - without the tie.
Then Beaming->‘Beam Together’

Engrave Mode.png

Yes, that’s what I had it down as.

Don’t lose hope - I’ve been wrong more often than not on this forum… :wink:

Yes, that works…

Well worked out. The lesson for me is that in Engrave mode you can select individual notes within ties.

When you select the notes in Engrave mode, there also is a property that enables/disables the sub-beaming thing. I suspect there could also be a general preference about it (although not sure about that) in Notation options…

But I think this should not be necessary when I simply want to tie 2 notes together, shouldn’t it? Cause now it is anything but simple.

There must be a logic behind this, we have not found it yet.

If you type in the meter (with shift-M) as [3]/8, with the brackets, then the 16ths will all be beamed together. Here’s how I interpret this:

For Dorico, 3/8 means the 8th note gets the beat; [3]/8 means that the dotted quarter gets the beat.

K_b, I know that “please search before you post” is a really irritating thing to see, but you have basically asked this question before, a matter of months ago: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=132458

Please search before you post.

thank you pianoleo, yes, one repeats mistakes, hopefully I have learnt something this time… will remember the Popover nomenclatura too :slight_smile: