[SOLVED] Simply deleting the pedal symbol?

Howdy folks. I wonder if I am really this incredibly dense that I’ve searched the user manual, the forum, and I cannot find how to simply hit delete on a pedal symbol that I wish to, well, DELETE. Why is this so obtuse? I’m obviously missing something here.
DEFIANT pedal symbol who REFUSES my Deltion!.jpg

You should certainly be able to delete the pedal line in Write mode. Are you currently in Engrave mode? You can’t delete anything in Engrave mode.

Daniel, you amaze me.
Thanks, yes, duh. But what gets me is:
I couldn’t easily find this info in the manual by typing “delete pedal” or “delete pedal indication” or “delete pedal mark”,
same in the forums! Even online.

So, I felt truly like an idiot.
And now even more so, but THANK YOU.
you ROCK.

I guess I’m still struggling with my reptilian Finale muscle memory.
I’m conditioned by the idea that I can select any symbol, and delete it.
I’ll keep trying.
Love this program.
It looks so good.

Istvan, the idea of separating different functions into modes does take time to get used to (I understand, having come from Finale myself). But that’s precisely the beauty of it… Write mode is for adding and deleting elements, and Engrave mode is for adjusting them slightly.

It makes sense to think of it in terms of workflow… you typically start in Setup mode, then work in Write mode, then polish in Engrave mode, and finish in Play and Print. Occasionally I find myself jumping back and forth between modes, but not very often.

Yes, I’m starting to get used to this idea. I cannot wait until this is flowing for me and I can freely compose with the program.
Honestly- Its searching for HOW to do things on the fly that frustrate me the most.
I didn’t get a simple answer online, or in the manual through a simple search- which baffles me-
because I really DIDN’T want to come here and bother poor Daniel!

I see that I just need to memorize a lot of key commands, and where to look for things.
Finale was admittedly such a pain to learn as well. I really do remember hating learning it, and working with it.
I can see that Dorico is well thought out, and looks so much better right from the start.
I’m going to spend more time rtfm-ing. (pardon my french).

For me the key is learning where to look for things. As the logic of the program becomes more familiar to me, I get better at it. I just have to remind myself that the same thing occurred in Finale; but after (what?) nearly thirty years with that program, one forgets what the early learning curve was like.

So very true.
I was more frustrated by searching for what seemed to be obvious information. The results just didn’t tell me what to do, or where to look. I just did another search on trying to move a measure up or down. Us Finale-ites know that one simply selects the measure and moves it in the appropriate tool. Here I did a simple search:

and came up with NADA. I tried several different wording possibilities. Still nada. I feel so dim.

Istvan, you’ve got to get away from Finale terminology and back to musical terminology. Given Dorico’s developers are UK-based, they use “bars” rather than “measures”.
I note that if I Google “system break” without quotes, the second result is from the Dorico manual and the third result is from the Finale manual. The fourth and fifth results are from the Musescore manual…

My apologies Istvan! Along with the editor in the manuals team, we decided not to include “Deleting X” topics for items where there are no other effects (as deleting a pedal line only deletes that item, whereas deleting a time signature also affects beaming and barlines) because we had ended up with many essentially identical topics that didn’t feel that useful. However, you clearly needed something more than what’s there, so I will take another look at what we’ve got and see if there’s room for improvement.

Perhaps an appendix or index entry headed Deleting could be added later with subheadings (measures, time signatures, slashes, etc.) pointing to appropriate explanations.