[Solved]: Slow Mediabay

Last month I had a defective drive… after I put in a new drive I noticed 3 things:

  1. Nuendo startup takes very long to start up, up to 4-5 minutes longer then usual sometimes… and it seems to be stuck on “content”

  2. Mediabay is very very slow, even listing a folder with 27 small loops can take 1 minute to pop up… really really killing my work flow right now (are there other options?!? I kinda got used to Mediabay now after it got so much better in N5)

  3. Nuendo plugins (the ones that comes with the DAW) the presets takes forever to show up, sometimes 30 sec - sometimes I can’t be bothered to wait any longer (and sometimes that include going to the kitchen and getting a glass of water)…

As my drives got new letters I did a complete re-scan of the mediabay, after that I have had nothing but lagging… anyone got any idea how to fix this or must I re-install everything :confused: ???

I am happy to report N5.5 fixed all my problems :slight_smile: