[SOLVED] Snapshot is freezing Cubasis

I have a simple project with two custom MiniSampler instruments, and every time I try to save a snapshot the small window will pop up to say that it’s saving, and it just hangs there. Fortunately I can just close Cubasis then open it again, and the snapshot is saved and nothing else is wrong. Still thought it should be reported.

This is on an iPad Air with iOS 8.4.

Hi Rerun,

So far we’re not able to reproduce the issue.

Are you able to share the project with us so we can give it a repro?
If so please upload the file (e.g. WeTransfer) and provide me with the download link via PM.


Well now I can’t get it to repeat. My project was feezing at one point when trying to save a snapshot, and I could repeat it, but now it’s working fine.

Wasn’t that big a deal in the first place. The snapshot would actually save, I’d just have to close and reopen. If it happens again I’ll post the project here.