[SOLVED] So what actually happens with the crash reports you send?

In regards, to the option to send crash repots to Steinberg upon re-opening Cubase after a crash. I’m curious, what do you think happens with these? Are they viewed by a real person? Fed into some AI algorithmic program to identify key trends? Sent into an unfathomable void of dark space?

Are they actually of use to the devs? I’m especially curious about those reports that identify the culprit as “Cubase” or “Freeze”, as these pretty much comprise the bulk of my crashes.

What do you think?

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Hi @Atardecer

Crashlogs are sent to a back-end where they are then automatically resolved and categorized. We are regular monitoring the new crashes and freezes that have been detected and can schedule them into our backlog if deemed necessary.



Armand, do usage logs (if enabled) help any much more, or are the crash dumps pretty adequate in themselves?

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They can definitely bring context to a crashlog, for instance trying to pinpoint the few last actions that might have led to this crash. I would recommend enable usage log temporarily for repeating crashes and sending both the DMP and the usage log.

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