[SOLVED] Solo/mute problem in Cubasis 1.8.3


I didn’t see a thread on this. On my iPad mini, in a Cubasis file that has several tracks, if I solo a track, when I turn off the solo for the track all of the other tracks remain muted. I have to press the unmute all button at the top to continue. When I do this, I lose all the mutes that I had on, except for the ones that are automated. This seems to remind me of a bug that was happening in an earlier version?

We gave the solo/mute behaviour another quick check and all seems to work as intended here.
Please let us have a detailed step-by-step description (along with iOS device, iOS + Cubasis version information), so we can try to reproduce the issue.



Thanks for your quick response. I’m using an:

-iPad Mini Retina (Ipad Mini 2)
-Cubasis 1.8.3
-IOS 8.1.1

Strange, I’m no longer getting the problem. I have done a hard restart since reporting the problem…
Here’s what happened: I was working in a project that has 36 tracks, I’m was getting:
-press Solo button on a track. This worked and the track was soloed.
-press Solo button to unSolo track. Track would unSolo, but all other tracks remained muted. After playing around with this, I found I could press the master Solo button at the top, directly after this, and the Solo button would reset all Mutes as before.

Again, the Solo buttons are now working as they should within the file. Strange…
BTW, the project is running GREAT with 36 tracks otherwise. It’s about 4.30 minutes long, and also runs great on my iPad 2. Kudos and thanks Cubasis for this! It’s making me plan to get Cubase in the future for easy syncing between projects… Ok, enough pats on the back J

Thanks for the immediate reply, dj8.

I’m very glad to hear the problem disappeared by resetting the device.
Furthermore 36 tracks on an iPad 2 is an impressive number.

And yes, getting Cubase also sounds like a good idea … :wink:
Please note that the project exchange is possible from Cubasis to Cubase only as of now.

Wish you great fun and lots of creative ideas using Cubasis!