[SOLVED] Sonic Preset Depth in Halion

Hi Halion Users,

I am currently using the Sonic LE version of Halion that comes with Cubase 8.5. I am using a preset called “Standing Wave” in a project and found my ability to alter the preset slightly limited. My question is: if I upgrade to Halion 5 will I have the preset “Standing Wave” and have additional access to the “back end” of the preset - the components and how it was made - in order to make the adjustments I am desiring to make?

Kind Regards!

All presets that use the “Trip” synth in Halion Sonic SE, such as the one you mentioned, are fully editable in Halion 5.

All stock Halion 5 and Halion Sonic 2 content will be fully editable. Only the GM sounds and sample-based “Halion Sonic SE” sounds cant be further edited, because they’re based on sample content from the original Yamaha Motif and apparently Yamaha doesn’t want to see people messing around with them.

A nice, clear answer. Thank you, Romanitque Tp!