Solved, sort of ;-) Missing Bass Drum on Groove Agent Export

I created a drum groove t use as a click track. When I play it in Cubase I hear HH, Snare and Bass.

When I export to a MPMix downwn I hear HH and Snare, no bass drum.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Any help would be appreciated

I really need some help here. I need to get this fixed.

I tried creating a new project and recreated the drum groove and same Results. I only hear hi-hat and snare, no bass drum in the mixdown.I sent a support request to Steinberg 2 days ago and no reply

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

As it turns out, the problem is that for some reason my laptop that i was listening back to the track on after export is not reproducing the bass drum. I listen on other systems and it is there.

Very wierd