[Solved] Spacing from lyrics to the staff below

Is there a way to set a minimum distance between the bottom verse of lyrics and the next stave? I need the distance between staves to be dynamic based on the number of verses.

Thank you,

I don’t believe you can specify the space below the verses however things already are dynamic based on number of verses. I just engraved a hymn yesterday where the second system had 6 verses and the beginning of a repeated refrain, and the 3rd system only had the refrain text. Dorico spaced it all perfectly without any intervention on my part.

You’re right. I couldn’t find a specific setting for space below lyrics like the one for space above.
I needed the space below the last line to increase. However, I found a more global setting (for all elements between two staves) in Setup: Layout Options: Minimum Inter-System Gap with Content. This was exactly what I needed.

Hmm… I thought Evan had provided the answer I needed. I adjusted the Minimum Inter-System Gap with Content and my staves with interlined lyrics snapped into place perfectly. However, that made another part–a piano accompaniment–ridiculously crowded. Any ideas about how to fix this?

There is currently no setting for this, which I think is sorely needed. I have requested it, and I think it is on the development map.

Also, hi Greg!