Solved: Specific Custom Key Command Not Working

Hey all- I just added a custom Key Command to add selected tracks to a new VCA Channel. I’m on a Mac, and the KC is Opt + Shift + V. I’ve ensured that Virtual Keyboard is not on, and that the Key Command is not being used for anything else. Other similar Key Commands are working fine (ex: add selected tracks to new FX Channel Opt + Shift + F). Any ideas/other troubleshooting (or pilot error) I may be overlooking? I’ve saved the Project/restarted Cubase but no dice yet.



Never mind! I realized I had Linked the tracks without the Key Command (via regular Menu command) and then deleted the VCA to try my new handy-dandy Key Command, but forgot that the tracks were still Linked! :slight_smile: Once I unlinked them and tried the KC, all was well. Woops!