[SOLVED]: split and extract audio track into of phrases


I need to work on several long audio files to split them into phrases/beats. I was wondering what Seinberg software would be useful for doing this. I have cubase 8, WaveLab 8 and Nuendo 4.

Basically, that is what I think I would do

  1. play the audio on a track
  2. I place makers as the track plays back
  3. use macro to create cycle markers from the makers created from last step
  4. export the audio as single .wavs between cycle markers.

Is this possible to do? If so, how please?
If you know a working/better approach I do greatly appreciate it.

Best wishes,



Since Cubase 9, you can export Cycle Markers also in Cubase. In previous versions, this wasn’t possible, and this feature was Nuendo only. I don’t know, if it was available in Nuendo 4 already.

Once you have your markers, make a Macro to change the Markers to the Cycle Markers

  • Transport > Locate Next Marker (probably this step is not necessary, because the 1st Marker is selected already)
  • Transport > Set Left Locator to Project Cursor Position
  • Transport > Locate Next Marker
  • Transport > Set Right Locator to Project Cursor Position
  • Transport > Insert Cycle Marker

Once you have your Cycle Markers:

  • File > Export > Audio Mixdown
  • Enable Export Cycle Markers
  • Select all Cycle Markers
  • Export


If the feature is available in Nuendo 4, the process is the same.