[SOLVED] Split secondary beam while notes are tied

Hey there!
I wanted to split the secondary beam of this group of semiquavers (shown in image 2), but because of the tied note in between, Dorico does not allow me to do so (see image 1). How can I achieve this (see image 3)?

Image 3.png
Image 2.png
Image 1.png

I finally managed it by first selecting the rightmose A and do “Split Secondary Beam”, then (in Engrave mode) select the leftmost G and A, and do “Reset Beaming” :slight_smile:

Oh, thanks, fratveno! I simply selected the second tied A in Engrave mode and just split secondary beam. It worked for me!

Great when things are simpler than one fears :slight_smile: I tried to achieve it Write mode for too long I guess!

Yeah… me too! Hahahah :smiley: