[SOLVED] Split stereo channel into two mono channels/buses

Ok, thanks! :slight_smile:

Post/pre fades were one of the problems. Got sorted out.

Approach 2 works fine, yet I needed to modify the routing. I don’t really get it why, but now I have the Source stereo track split into the L and R groups, both L and R are in center, can be faded separately.

So this is how the Routing Setup looks like on my case, finally I got there:

Whit that setting, the following is achieved:

  1. Bass Musicman is recorded with a stereo channel from a POD XT signal; the left channel is a POD XT preamp, the right channel is a clean signal from a Music Man Bass.

  2. I’ve created a 2 stereo group channels, as Martin described above.

  3. The bass musicman channel’s output was set to No bus.

  4. The bass musicman channel’s sends are set to Group channel Group L and Group R. Also, these sends are set to be pre-fade (meaning blue color on the pictogram)

  5. Both Group L and Group R group channels has an insert of EQ added

  6. The routing setting on Group L needs to be set as seen on the picture attached. I guess the figure can be interpreted as:

  • List item The L-channel is connected to the EQ input (small box representing the connection)

  • List item The R-channel is not connected to the EQ input (upside-down T-letter)

  • List item The line connected through and over the L input shows that the signal goes through the EQ, untouched.

  • List item Also, the Output of the EQ is connected to the R-channel.

  • List item As the Routing is set to Mono, and also the channels are linked (maybe I interpret this falsely), the outcome of the setting is the one I wanted: On the Group L channel I can hear only the POD XT signal, in both sides of the headphone.

  1. In the very same way, the Group R channel’s routing is set as seen in the figure, and with that setting, the clean signal from the Music Man bass is heard in both sides of the headphone.

Great stuff; it took a while to figure it out, but it was worth.

Thanks again for the help, file-attahment.