[Solved] Staff label on separate line

Hey everybody,
no matter what I do - the staff label of the upper singer (tenor) won’t split into separate lines like with the singer below (bass). I even tried to copy the text from one to the other (and change the text). I also tried to edit the text as wanted in a Mac’s textEdit App and copy it into the “Edit Instrument Names”-window. Both singers are part of the same instrument group in setup mode.
I attached the file.

As anyone an idea what is going on here?

Staff label.dorico (1.1 MB)

Did you copy this text in from elsewhere?

For some reason, deleting the line breaks and re-adding them results in the staff label looking the way you’d expect.

Wow - that’s crazy! It worked like you said.

I’m pretty sure that I tried this before. But when I did set up the line breaks, it was in Dorico 4.2.
I might have copied the text from the textEdit App cause I tried to achieve the line breaks.

Anyway - Thanks a lot!

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