[solved] **state saving bug**

AUV3 Synth state saving bug

I created two midi tracks, on one I opened up Moog Model D, on the other IK Hammond B-3X, I adjusted parameters in both like glide rate, delay amount, and volume on the Moog, and percussion off, draw bars, and reverb on in the B-3X. I did not record anything … but closed CB3. I then re-booted CB3 and went to play the synths … but all the parameters of the synths that I tweaked were gone and the synths stock unaltered patches were back.

Expected Results:
I expected when I re-opened CB3 and played either synth that the synths parameters I adjusted before last closing CB3 would still be there. In CB2 it saves your AUV3 synth parameters even if you don’t record anything.

Actual Results:
The only way to get CB3 to save the adjusted parameters of an AUV3 synth (at least Model D and B-3X) is to actually record something into the tracks, then when you re-open CB3 the synths parameters are the same as when you last closed the project … but this makes it impossible to set up templates with tweaked parameters of your synths like you can with CB2

2nd generation 12.9” iPad Pro 4gb/IOS 13.3

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your bug report which has been added to our bugbase, and shared with the team.

Best wishes,

Hi all,

Issue has been resolved with Cubasis 3.0.1.