SOLVED Steinberg Hub screen too large

How do you reduce the size of the Steinberg Hub screen? It’s too large for my monitor.

I’m been trying to set up UR22 according to instructions and video tutorial. So complicated (I’m a noob), terms etc, and many actions don’t appear. What would help is that the Hub page would fit on my monitor screen. The ‘More’ tab (to get to the ‘Empty’ tab is out of the screen, so I can’t follow the instructions on video to set Ports, Buses etc (and I don’t even know what these things are!).
Is there any way to reduce the Hub screen? That would be a start!

disabled it in preferences SOLVED

If there was an answer here, I did not understand.
The “Steinberg Hub” is too big on my screen and I can not seem to reduce it to get to the polls down.
I use a laptop with a 17" screen.
I tried to cancel it on the preferences but the basic dialogue is still too big.
Thanks in advance

hows this SOLVED?? I have same issue. windows 10, with elements 10.5 hub screen too large horizontally. very little to no help online here just smart ass comments it appears, im new at this frustrated!!