(SOLVED) stem direction in cue problem

Regards to all,

I seem to have a problem with stem directions in a cue part. Please bear with me while I explain. (I have attached a small dorico file which illustrates my predicament) I have a guitar part which contains in one voice (a crotchet rest, C quaver to B quaver which is then tied to a minim), and the other voice; crotchet rest and two dotted minims on E and a G. No matter how many things I try, I am unable to flip the stems in the cue part as the cue does not match the original (source) part.

I tried writing the moving part first and then added a new voice for the sustains and I also reversed the voice order (as in the first two bars in my example). I copied those two bars and ‘forced stemmed’ the appropriate notes as I require (bars 3 and 4).

Is there anyone here that can explain what I am doing wrong and the best way to resolve this problem?

Thanking you in advance.

force stem directions in cues.zip (435 KB)

You need to pay attention to which voice you’re writing into. If you’ve written the sustained lower chord in an upstem voice, and the higher moving line in a downstem voice, then “Swap Voice Order” is not what you’re looking for - “Swap Voice Contents” is.

I can diagnose this problem by opening your project and going Edit (or right click) > Filter > Voices > All Up-stem Voices. All the stuff that should be up is down, and all the stuff that should be down is up.


Thank you so much. It worked perfectly! Now I understand the importance of voice order; I won’t make that mistake again.