[Solved] strange fonts in the hub


I’m getting strange big fonts in the hub on the left side.
It is impossible to navigate for me, help me out please


I have never seen anything like that before. What specific operating system are you running and what specific version number of Cubase 7? Has this always been an issue since day one?


Wow - “Strange Fonts in the Hub” is a great album name :wink:

thx for your reply
I’m on W8.1 en it’s been like this since the last 2 updates of cubase
hope you can help me

The text on the left side is rendered by the system’s HTML engine, probably the same one used by your web browser.
Did you by any chance configure Internet Explorer on your machine to prevent usage of “JavaScript”?

no, check al the java strings, nothing strange there, updated everything
got maybe more ideas? I use chrome, not explorer

I’m sending you additional information via PM.

The problem was solved by resetting Internet Explorer’s Internet Settings in the “Internet Options” control panel; that control panel can be accesses either from Control Panels -> Network and Internet -> Internet Options -> tab “Advanced”, or by opening the Internet Options directly from IE’s menu.