[Solved]Switching to Transposed Pitch transposes the Playback in NotePerformer

Hello Dorico crew and colleagues,
I don’t know if this is the right place for reporting this issue, but I hope you’ll be able to help me. :slight_smile:
Well, normally the switching between Concert and Transposed Pitch should only have
influence on the note appearance on the score sheet, right?
Unfortunately it transposes the Playback of NotePerformer 3.3.1, too… even the entering of notes by
MIDI keyboard is transposed…
Normally, if I would like to enter C moll chord (starting from C2, Middle C=C3) in Horns in F (transposed) it should sound C moll
just on the score sheet the chord must appear as G moll.
Currently if I press C moll on my MIDI keyboard sounds F moll P5th below.

Another issue:
When I set the score to Transposed Pitch and enter C moll in Horns in F (Step Input), Dorico does not transpose the notation to G moll. Just enters C moll.

Very odd behavior which should be fixed! :slight_smile:

Probably the problem is not NotePerformer related only?!

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Best regards,

There is nothing to “fix”. In the Write menu, select Input pitch > Written pitch or Sounding pitch.

Both options are useful. Try copying a score printed in transposed pitch, if you have to mentally transpose all the notes to concert pitch to play them in.

Rob hello,
Thank you for the help! :slight_smile: Now everything works fine!

Best regards,

Thurisaz, I would suggest editing the subject line of your first post to include “[resolved]” or some such thing.