[SOLVED] Sync Help

Working with Drumjam to Cubasis through Audiobus. New at it. Just want to record a drumjam loop into an existing Cubasis project. The only way (after trying every sync settings combo in Drumjam, Audiobus and Cubasis) to do this I have to punch play manually on Drumjam to start the recording. And it’s not exactly on the beat…so it gets really off. This can’t be right. What are the right settings to sync these two programs through Audiobus? I can be reached at 5756402086 (US) if anyone could be kind enough to walk me through it verbally. Thank you.

Disregard. I figured it all out. Thx

Hi Popsy,

Thanks for the update, glad to hear you’ve found a solution yourself.
If possible, please share your findings with the community!

Thanks again,