SOLVED: System finger print is not valid anymore

I just sold my old graphics card. And at the same time Windows 10 made some deep update.
So now my system is not seen as the same by Cubase.

I get this message:
“Your system finger is not valid anymore.
The systems’ hardware configuration has been changed!”

And then another message:
“Necessary files or information for the validity of the soft-elicenser has been changed or corrupted”

USB elicenser is not affected, so I can still use Cubase.
But the two messages keeps popping up, and would like to fix the issue so they stop.

I have tried doing maintenance etc. in the Elicenser Control Center (as admin), but it doesn’t fix it.
And I just tried uninstalling the ECC and installing the latest. No luck.

What to do?
Thank you

Solved, by using the eLCC Helper software

I had the same issue after swapping my graphic card too…

Many thanks to you… :wink: