[SOLVED] Template problem

After updating, I’m having a problem with the built-in templates. Whenever I open one, there are no staves appearing for the full score. I know how to fix the problem by going to setup mode and then adding the players from there, but even then, the player names don’t appear. Did the template files get corrupted somehow? Anyone else experiencing this?

This sounds like the pages are not assigned to master pages in engrave mode?

Reboot your computer. That’s how I fixed the same issue on my computer.

It sounds as if you’ve somehow managed to mess up the default layout options for the full score layout type: try going to Layout Options and holding Alt (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) so that the one of the buttons in the bottom left-hand corner says ‘Reset to Factory’, and click that.

Thanks for all of the suggestions, but unfortunately none of them worked. I did the “reset to factory” as you suggested and still have the same problem. I even reinstalled Dorico and that didn’t help either. Every template that I load gives me a full score with nothing. When I manually add the instruments to the full score, they are then missing the default instrument names. Could it be a preferences file somewhere?

If all else fails, you could run the clean-up script linked to in the FAQ thread, which will put your copy of Dorico back to its default state.

I finally solved the problem by clicking “save as default” AFTER following Daniel’s suggestion of “reset to factory”. Didn’t think of doing that the first time around, but thanks for the fix Daniel.