[SOLVED] Tempo Bug?

Das Tempo wird immer halb so schnell abgespielt, wie ich es eingegeben habe.
Gebe ich Viertel = 60 ein, werden Achtel=60 gespielt.
Der Verfolgungscursor auf dem Bildschirm ist doppelt so schnell wie die Musik spielt.

Auch alte Arrangements aus Dorico 1.02. werden leider nur halb so schnell gespielt.

Ist das ein Bug?

Komisch. Kannst du die Dorico Datei posten?

Just translation:
The tempo is always played half as fast compared to what I put in.
Do I put in 1/4 = 60 it plays 1/8 = 60.
The playhead on the screen is twice as fast compared to the actual music that is played.

Also all old arrangements from Dorico 1.0.20 do get played half the speed.

Is it a bug?

I try it, but Dorico plays everything I made in the half tempo.
I think I will post something with a little film also.
Perhaps tomorrow…

What’s your Device setup like? Asio driver, sample rate…?

Oh thank you very much for this idea!
My samplerate was on 96000 and I worked with the internal audio hardware of my iMac. This was the fault.
With 44100 Dorico plays in the right tempo. Normaly I use a Fireface 400 interface with this 96000.
Thanks a lot and the problem is solved.

I ran into the same problem today. Playback sounded good and played at the right speed but the playhead did go further and further ahead as the piece of music continued. It stopped playback when the playhead was at the end of the score though the playback would have had still about 3 bars left.
My audio device (internal sound card of my Macbook) in Dorico settings was set to 48kHz though I normally only use 44.1kHz. As I changed to 44.1kHz everything was fine again. Very strange behaviour.