[SOLVED] Tempo Mark (sixteenth = 88).. how do you do it?

I am using Dorico to help write a few exercises to use in my private teaching. Currently (beginning stages of how to read music) we are talking about time signatures (how to read them, what they mean, etc.)

I am writing an example in 4/16 and would like to make the tempo mark of sixteenth note = 88, with the graphic of a sixteenth note. How does one do this? I cannot seem to find it in the popover menu?



I found you type x for 16th note.

OK, how would you indicate 32nd note = 84? Or 64th note = 84?


You can use the numbers that you would use to input the note of that duration in note input, so 4 would be 16th, 3 would be 32nd, 2 would be 64th, and so on; you can also use x for 16th, y for 32nd and z for 64th.

Thanks Daniel!