SOLVED thanks Misohoza, Where has the “Edit in Wavelab” command gone?

Hi all

Title says it all, it used to be in the Audio dropdown menu, but it’s not there now, where has it moved to,or do I have a problem,or am I doing something wrong?

Best Regards, Dave


What Cubase and WaveLab versions (exactly) do you use, please?

Hi Martin

Cubase Pro 10.5.12 and Wavelab 9.5.5 AND 10.0.3 due to the dropping of the MME driver in Wavelab 10

Best Regards, Dave

PS did they ever fix the primary parameter KC in Cubase Elements

Hi Dave,

I had the same problem. Try to reinstall Wavelab 9.5

Thanks Misohoza, that did the trick.

Best Regards, Dave