[SOLVED]The Search function


Bought Cubase Elements 7 today. Can’t find the Search function though from within the program… Is that only for Mac, not for PC?

Hi Robingardner,

In Cubase Elements 7 and Cubase Artist 7 you can only use the search function on the plug-in menu.
The track search is only available in Cubase 7.


Do you mean that “Cubase Elements 7” doesnt have this kind of help menu? (see Picture #1):

All I can see from my Help menu is Documentation pointing to different Pfd-files, like for example “Quick start Guide” (see Picture #2):
Is that all Elements 7 got as a help menu? If that’s so, what’s the lowest version needed to get the help menu shown in my first picture? Artist 7 or Full 7?


cubase_help_menu.jpg is how it works on a Mac, My_Help_Menu.jpg shows how it works on a PC. That is the difference. (this is not related to the plugin and track search fields.)