[Solved] Tool Modifier for "Sizing Applies Time Stretch"

Is it possible to use a modifier for the “Sizing Applies Time Stretch” function?
I am used to temporarily hold down a key and stretch the audio event (compare Logic or Studio One).
Cycle through the three “Object Selection” modes with the “1” key is a bit clumsy.

Any thoughts on this?


Yes, there is. By default, this is not assigned. Open Preferences > Editing > Tool Modifiers. Select Size Objects. On the right side, you can see Time Stretch. Select it and assign the modifier key.

Thanks, I already tried this function but with no success. It seems that some of the modifiers correlate and behave differently on different positions on the event/object/part. However I got it finally to work with the “Shift” key (Control, Option and Command aren’t working on my system even in combination).


Option is used to Duplicate, Cmd is used to disabke Snap. It seams these two have high priority when you use them in combination.